The 2019 Office Fit Out London Style Could Beat January Blues

The New Year challenges us to make changes to our lifestyle and our surroundings, so let’s do both with a 2019 Office Fit Out London Style!

Returning to the office after a long break is always going to be hard, but it is especially difficult in the New Year. Train delays, cold weather, feeling overweight and the pressures of the daily grind are among the many attributing factors that cause those dreaded January Blues.

How Do the January Blues Affect Workers in the UK?

In an article published by The Independent, a study by working animal charity SPANA, showed 44 per cent of adults believe to suffer from the January blues and three in 10 workers expect work after the Christmas break to be awful because it is so long until their next holiday.

The interior of your office could be dampening your mood too. A study by the National Institute of Health and Research says one in three people will experience symptoms of anxiety and depression during their lifetime. Research shows that 30-40 percent of these cases are caused by genetics, but the remaining 60-70 percent are due to environmental factors.

Research referenced in these articles confirms that employers that provide a comfortable office environment welcome many benefits, including:

  • Improved employee health
  • Increased productivity
  • Lowered employee stress
  • Reduced absenteeism

Could the Right Office Fit Out Prevent Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)?

The study by SPANA confirmed that a fifth of adults considered calling in sick for the first few days back to work, but other research confirms that those working in pleasant working environment are less likely to call in sick, so perhaps employers with a modern designed and well-lit office fit out are enjoying a reduction in absenteeism this New Year.

How is an Office Fit Out Good for Business?

Whether you work in London, or somewhere else in the UK, having the right office environment is key to attracting a suitable workforce, improving productivity and impressing clients. When creating a modern office fit out London style we often look to some of the most inspirational London office refurbishments.

How to Achieve the Office Fit Out London Style

If this New Year you are planning an office refurbishment to improve the well-being of your employees and need some inspiration we have some top tips for achieving an office fit out London style.

  1. First and foremost, your office must reflect your business ethos and branding. If you have an informal approach to business, then make that apparent. Introduce quirky design features and comfortable seating for impromptu meetings. Either introduce splashes of colour or stick to softer natural tones. Either way, they should replicate the colours in your logo.

If a professional and formal look is more appropriate, consider using straight lines or geometric shapes and glazed office partitioning for a minimalist style. You can still be creative with wall textures and pendent lighting to achieve a softer, yet sophisticated look. Different wall textures and lighting can also help to create zones within an open plan office.

  1. Create the element of surprise. The exterior of the majority of office buildings are understated. Even the likes of Amazon in central London looks like a generic office from the outside, but inside there is some spectacular lighting – hundreds of festoon lights are strung from metal ceiling panels.

Like Amazon, you can use the conventional exterior of your office to your advantage. Let your visitors be underwhelmed until they step inside and make that first impression one of surprise and delight.

  1. Be bold in your design. That’s not to say use lots of colour or big pictures. Instead, you simply need to be consistent and committed to your design theme. Don’t alternate between one scheme to another. Learn from the top office fit outs in London and bring your entrance to life by using:
  1. Let your logo do all the work. A very simple and effective method of creating a bold design feature is to introduce a feature wall with your logo. Your logo doesn’t have to just be a sign on the wall, it could be:
  • Printed in vinyl
  • Painted
  • Professionally designed with Graffiti
  • Hand crafted from wood, painted and back-lit with LED lighting
  • Projected onto the walls, ceiling and floors

Where to Start With an Office Fit Out London Style?

Rather than do all the interior design leg work yourself, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. Having your office designed professionally might not be as costly as you think. At JBH Refurbishments we offer an office design service, which includes 3D visuals of the finished article.

Having 3D visuals, created by the fit out contractor before work commences onsite allows you and the contractor to address any concerns early on and could save money and time in the long term.

Once you have a design in place, opt for an office fit out contractor that has an excellent reputation and genuine testimonials from previous clients. Look for refurbishment companies that have had reoccurring clients. At JBH Refurbishments we have an outstanding reputation and clients that have returned time again for multiple site refurbishments.

For an office refurbishment contractor in London, that offers a superior service, with a friendly team, contact JBH Refurbishments on 0333 207 0339.

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