Eight Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Office Refurbishment

When it comes to refurbishing your office, the chances are that your management team will have different ideas on what constitutes a good ‘new look’ for the workspace. In order to make the most out of your office refurbishment, consider the following questions:

Have You Planned Your Budget Carefully?

Before you start out on your refurbishment, make sure that you have thought through how much the work will cost. Consider timescales and work out how long everything will take. Do you have a backup plan, should work take longer than expected, or cost more?

Will Your Office Refurbishment Inspire Your Employees?

The layout of your office can impact your employees, both in terms of motivation and general wellbeing. Will the office project the culture of your company and its vision? If possible, try to transform your office from simply being a place to work to an environment where staff interact, create new ideas and move your company forward.

Do Your Staff Know What the Plan Is?

Ensure that your internal communication is up to scratch. Involving staff will make them feel more secure and included in the process. It will also help them to envision where the company is headed. On the other hand, make sure that any consultation is carried out efficiently, to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly.

Are You Delegating Work Effectively?

Make sure you are handing out the managing of the refurbishment to different people in your office. Better yet, look for a company who can handle all aspects of the refurbishment, providing you with a one-stop shop for all your needs.

To What Extent Do You Need to Move Furniture?

People are generally creatures of habit. As such, be thoughtful when you plan where people will sit. Sometimes, a change can be good to shake up ideas and give workers a chance to sit next to different people on a daily basis.

What Furniture Will You Choose?

Office furniture plays a major role in the office environment. How useful is your table and chair plan for the working style of your employees? Will your office have a clam, structured feel to it upon completion? How will files be stored? Are there spaces for private conversations?

How Ergonomic is the Furniture?

Many days are lost in the UK each year due to work-related injuries such as back problems. As such, investing in ergonomic furniture will hopefully help your company to save money in the long run, as people will take less time off work with back complaints.

Are the Companies You are Using Trustworthy?

Before signing any agreements, ensure that the company carrying out your office refurbishments are trustworthy. Ask for references and find out about completed projects. By contacting previous clients you can find out if there are any issues to be aware of.

By considering these points above, you will be ready to begin your office refurbishment.

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