Dilapidation Works and Office Fit Out Clerkenwell London

Client Plan A Consultants
Location London
Sector Office
Out With The Old And In With The New

Showcasing our ability to carry out simultaneous end-of lease dilapidations and an office fit out, JBH Refurbishments had the pleasure of supporting Plan A Design Management Consultancy with their recent office move and office fit out in Clerkenwell London.

Having found a suitable new premises in the heart of London’s interior design district, Clerkenwell, Plan A contacted JBH Refurbishments. They needed a reputable office fit out company that could perform the end-of-lease dilapidations on the office they were vacating, as well as the office fit out of their new office space in Clerkenwell, London.

The two properties are situated a mere 10-minute-walk apart. Plan A were vacating their premises in The Record Hall, while preparing to move to their new office space at Clerkenwell Workshops.

Both premises are owned and managed by Workspace, which has a portfolio of 58 commercial London properties. Combined they equate to 4 million square feet of office space, housing over 3,000 London companies.

As a growing business, Plan A were ready for their next move and fortunately Workspace were able to accommodate the company in their nearby Clerkenwell serviced offices.

The Record Hall Dilapidation Works London

The Record Hall in Hatton Garden is a contemporary shared office space that offers varying size units to businesses in London. As part of their lease agreement, tenants are responsible for returning the property to its original condition when they vacate the premises. This is called ‘dilapidation works’, which is standard procedure for the majority of leased commercial properties.

When it comes to moving office space, JBH Refurbishments are the experts in preparing the new space for your arrival and retuning the outgoing office to its original state.

Depending on the location, time frame and the company’s own practical needs, both properties can be worked on simultaneously. That way, we reduce your workforce’s time out of the office and remove some of the stresses of moving.

Our clients prefer working with one supplier, who understands their needs for both projects. For Plan A, our dilapidation and fit out services proved instrumental in their big move.

Here are the steps we took for The Record Hall dilapidation works:

  • Remove and dispose of meeting room walls.
  • Return flooring to the original condition.
  • Remove doors and ironmongery for reuse in the new premises.
  • Redecorate walls and pipework with two coats of white emulsion.
  • Redecorate skirtings, window frames, entrance door and surrounding woodwork.
  • Remove decorative features, such as the neon wall light and pendent lighting.
  • Relocate ceiling lights and electrical fittings to original positions.
  • Replace light switches with original fitting.
  • Make good walls and ceilings after removing lighting, wall art and partitions.
  • Remove TVs from wall and associated sockets and fit cable trunking to mirror the original fitting.
  • Provide ECIR report.
  • Cleaning of trunking and cableways to prevent dust build up.
  • Cleaning and inspection of windows to ensure they work appropriately.
  • Check all light fittings work correctly and replace any bulbs/LED tubes as required.
  • Remove all materials, equipment and rubbish from the site.
Remove and Reuse: Sustainable Office Fit Outs

At the Hatton Garden property our team identified several items that could be reused in the new property. These included doors, lighting fittings, ironmongery, and switches.

Where possible, we try to salvage good quality items from the strip out phase to ensure we deliver a sustainable office fit out service. As well as reducing waste and our own carbon footprint, it can also save the client financially in the long term.

By way of an example, a good quality fire door and surround can cost in the region of £1,000 per set. If you have quality fitted doors in your new property, you could make significant savings by removing and reusing them for your new office fit out.

Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out

Plan A’s new office in Clerkenwell Workshops is comparable to a New York style loft space. The bare brick walls, rustic floorboards, large windows and exposed utilities overhead, give this space that industrial charm. We can see why Plan A fell in love with their new office.

While the fundamental characteristics for the interior design were already in place, the layout was not quite right. Therefore, Plan A contracted our team to adapt the layout. They needed an open plan office to accommodate desks, a meeting table with media station, as well as a kitchen and dinette. They also needed a conference room to host private meetings.

Partitioning the Meeting Room and Open Plan Office

To divide the two areas, we installed stud wall partitions with acoustic properties and a black single leaf fire door, complete with chrome ironmongery. The partitions formed the two walls that separated the meeting space from the open plan office.

Accommodating The Media Area

The outward wall, facing the open plan office, presented itself as the ideal place for a media area. Featuring a large screen, storage unit, wine/beer fridges and a wrap-over worktop, this is the perfect space for entertaining and brainstorming.

To neatly accommodate the media furniture and fridges, we created a recess within the partition wall. Continuing the seamless effect, we concealed all of the associated media cabling within the stud wall. While the sockets for the TV, speaker and fridge were fitted behind each of the relevant units.

The media wall was finished with a deep blue emulsion paint, which complimented the dark wood worktop beautifully.

The Meeting Room

Inside the meeting room, we performed a similar electrical installation for the wall-mounted TV and speaker. All of the associated cabling was concealed within the stud wall and the sockets fitted in the opportune position.

We completed the meeting room interior by decorating the partition walls with white emulsion paint. Above the meeting table, we fitted an array of pendent lighting.

Final Thoughts

Completing the dilapidations works and office fit out for Plan A was a fantastic example of how JBH Refurbishments can support businesses on the move.

Often our clients return to us having expanded and ready for a new chapter. This is where we thrive. We love to create workspaces that meet the needs of individual businesses. Whether that’s adapting their current workspace with a new layout or supporting their next step on the commercial property ladder.

If you would like to speak to one of our office fit out experts, please contact us on 0333 207 0339 or email info@jbhrefurbishments.co.uk.

London’s Interior Design District, Clerkenwell
The Record Hall in Hatton Garden Dilapidation Works
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Room
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Table With Media Station
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Table and Breat Out Tables
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Table With Media Station
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Room
The Record Hall in Hatton Garden Dilapidation Works
The Record Hall in Hatton Garden Dilapidation Works
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Table With Media Station
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Table With Media Station
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Media Station
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Room
Clerkenwell Workshops, London Office Fit Out Meeting Room

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