Why Hire A Kent or London Office Refurbishment Company?

When it comes time to carry out your Kent or London office refurbishment there are many things that you have to take into consideration. From establishing the overall office space you have to work with to designing your new office layout and ensuring your make the best use of all available space, to putting together drawings or 3D renders to costing the refurbishment according to your designs, to making any required changes to partitioning, ceilings, flooring, cladding, carpentry, electrical outlets, decorating and furniture etc. You’ll need a professional office refurbishment company with the expertise in all of these areas to fulfil your office design ideas and for your project to be successful.

Without the expertise of an office refurbishment company to advise and complete your project you run the risk that your project will go over time and over budget and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results. Planning a workplace refurbishment takes knowledge and expertise. In today’s current climate, with the added concern of ensuring your workspace is Covid-19 secure and safe, office refurbishment has become even more the domain of the expert.

So let’s look at what a professional Kent and London office refurbishment company can offer you when it comes to your Kent or London office refurbishment.


Your Kent or London office refurbishment is not simply about making a few changes to the layout, furniture or wall colours, there’s a great deal more involved. Expertise and knowledge is required.

Professional office refurbishment companies need to be experts in a wide range of areas including, planning permission, health and safety, understanding the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), space planning, office design, mechanical and electrical design and installation, IT and telephony cabling and installation, carpentry, plumbing, costing and project management. These and more are all vital when it comes to an office fit out.

Without the above expertise so many things can and will go wrong with your office fit out which can result in costly mistakes and delays to your project.

A professional office refurbishment company will understand how to manage your project from start to finish providing you with a completed, successful, to budget, on time project and peace of mind that the work is in the hands of experts.


When it comes to an office refurbishment timelines are important, especially when your project will be relying on different parts of the fit out to be finished on time to allow the next part of the project to proceed. It’s therefore essential that work proceeds as planned and without delays.

If you‘re trying to manage your own office refurbishment you’ll have to make sure that everyone who is working on the project knows, understands and agrees to the timelines as you’ll be responsible for making sure timelines are kept. However if you delegate this responsibility to your Kent or London office refurbishment company they become responsible for delivering the project which means you can relax knowing that you are no longer accountable for keeping the project on track and on time.


An office refurbishment is one of the biggest outlays any company can make. So it’s important to understand and budget for all of the items required to complete your office refurbishment successfully. Of course unless you know what you need to budget for it can be extremely difficult and intimidating and if you forget something or it costs more than you’ve put aside your project could be delayed or paused until you can find the money you need to proceed.

An office refurbishment company will bring with a depth of knowledge which covers all aspect of your project including an understanding of what needs to be covered and how much it will cost. So although the idea of hiring an office fit out company may sound like an extra expense it will in fact save you both time and money in the long run.


All good office refurbishments make the best use of your current or new office space.

An office refurbishment company will be able to advise on how to lay out your office space to maximise productivity and work efficiency, however space efficiency needs to be balanced against effectiveness. They will also be able to incorporate storage without compromising on space. This comes from experience and the use of tools like 2D and 3D renders.

2D and 3D renders allow you to see what your office will look like with your chosen layout, furniture and even decoration. Renders can also help to highlight any potential issues in the design before any work begins on site. Clearly being able to visualise what your office will look like before any physical work begins will let you move forward with confidence. Without this technology you are working blind and more likely to run into problems further into the project.


If you’re going it alone trying to figure this out by yourself can be daunting given the limitless amount of design possibilities available to you. An office refurbishment company with experience will know what works and what doesn’t. They’ll also know the latest trends, if you want to be following them, which of them would work best for you and how best to implement them within your office space and for your business.

Knowing the above can help speed up your project and help limit the amount of money you spend trying to find the right design for you, your staff and your business.


As they say, communication is key, and this is especially true with an office fit out.

If you’re trying to deal with multiple contractors communication is likely to be difficult as you have to deal with numerous different people. Keeping them all in the loop and up to date can also start to become onerous.

Alternatively having an office refurbishment company take charge means you only have to communicate with one point of contact, your project manager. The onus is then on the fit out company to deal with all aspects of the project and to communicate the progress of the refurbishment to you.  Having a single point of contact is likely to be far less stressful too.

How Can JBH Refurbishments Help?

JBH Refurbishments have over 30 years experience in office design and development and fit-out and can advise on all aspects of your Kent or London office refurbishment .To find out how we can help us via our contact form or by calling us on 0333 207 0339.

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