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Make The Most of Your Vacant Office: Speak to an Office Interior Fit Out London Company

Could lockdown be the perfect opportunity to speak to an office interior fit out London company ? Would you like to explore your interior design options?

Lockdown in the UK has meant that the majority of office staff are working from home. Having a vacant office gives you the opportunity to refurbish your workspace without disrupting your staff.

Besides, what better way to welcome your team back to the office than with a fresh new office interior!

Advice From an Office Interior Fit Out London and Kent Company

As an office interior fit out company in London and Kent we are used to working in live office environments. When an office is occupied, we do everything within our power to minimise disruption. Clear communication between us and the client is vital during an office fit out, but even more crucial when working in an occupied space.

To ensure everyone understands the processes involved in an office interior fit out, we set out a very clear programme of activity. That way we are able to manage and communicate all of the following:

  • Each stage of the fit out (strip out, installs, building works, electrics, plumbing, HVAC works, decoration, floor laying, furniture, finishing touches etc.)
  • Permits
  • Deliveries
  • Noise levels during working hours
  • Labour
  • Handovers

So, yes a programme of activity can minimise disruption in an occupied space. However, at the moment, government guidelines for a Covid-safe construction environment can add extra time to an office fit out programme. Therefore, working in a vacant office is far more favourable for five reasons:

  1. Staff remain safe working from home
  2. We can create construction bubbles for labour to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among the workforce
  3. Office staff don’t need to be moved from one place to another during the various fit out stages
  4. Deliveries and obtrusive work can be completed at any time. Thus reducing time and resources
  5. Work can start straight away!

Taking all of this into account, we advise that lockdown is the ideal scenario for an office interior fit out.

Don’t delay the inevitable. Start your office interior fit out during lockdown and any prevent disruption to your workforce.

 Should You Refurbish Your Office During Lockdown?

Covid-19 has altered the way we work significantly. In our blog – The 2021 Office Interior Fit Out London: What Will Change and Why? – we explore how companies are planning to change their workspaces this year. Some of the trends include:

  • Downsizing to reduce office space and overheads
  • Altering the design and layout to allow for social distancing, more meeting spaces and activity-based working
  • Creating a space to sublet within your commercial property
  • Introducing resimercial interior design. The word ‘Resimercial’ is a combination or residential and commercial interior styling. It is a design concept that bridges the gap between working from home and the office. Thus, easing the transition back to the workplace

If any of these trends apply to you, then it’s a good idea to start thinking about an office interior fit out before your team return the office on regular basis.

When making changes to your Kent or London workspace, you will need to research your options. First of all consult with your landlord to establish if there are any restrictions. Contact a local office interior fit out company London or Kent, such as JBH Refurbishments. We will discuss you required changes and advise on timings, costs, budget, finance plans and design.

Resimercial Office Interior Design

Resimercial is the latest office interior design concept that combines residential and commercial office interior design.

Open for Business!

Like most construction firms in the UK, JBH Refurbishment is an office interior fit out London company that has remained open during lockdown. We are permitted to carry out Covid-safe site surveys and construction work throughout our service area of:

Please read our Covid-19 Policy for more information.

Being open and fully operational means. JBH Refurbishments is able to complete all office fit out and refurbishment works, including:

office kitchen refurbishment

JBH Refurbishments has remained open throughout the pandemic by implementing strict Covid-19 safety measures and routine symptom-free testing. That’s why we are in a position to support your office interior fit out needs, including offices, kitchens, washrooms, meeting spaces, furniture and more.

Covid-Safe Office Interior Fit Out Company London

JBH Refurbishments is an office interior fit out London company  that has continued to operate throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. To do so, we have taken stringent health and safety measures to protect our staff and our clients from the spread of Covid-19.

We comply with the governments guidelines for construction, and take additional measures too. Here are some of the safety measures we take to keep everyone who works with JBH Refurbishments safe at all times:

  • Reinforcing hygiene and social distancing
  • Staff are supplied with the appropriate PPE
  • Safety screens are installed in our office
  • Construction bubbles are created for onsite and office staff
  • Every staff member is required to take a weekly Covid-19 symptom-free test
  • Construction programmes are designed to limit contact among different trades

You can read more in our Covid-19 policy 

Affording an Office Fit Out Amid the Pandemic

Planning for those unforeseen circumstances has never been so poignant. Even the few companies that have thrived amid the pandemic are keeping costs down. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put off your office interior fit out plans. There is a way of keeping the cash within your business while proceeding with an office interior fit out.

Office leasing covers all the costs of an office fit out and allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee. It can be fixed to matche the terms of your lease and is 100% tax allowable. You can read more about affording the services of an office interior fit out company London in our blog:

Affordable Office Fit Out London

How to Afford an Office Fit Out London During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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