Break Out Areas Important For Your Company and Staff

Did you know that…

97% of staff in a survey carried out by Management Today said that they thought their workplace was a symbol of whether or not they were valued by their company. Of these only 37 per cent thought that their offices had been ‘designed with people in mind’, and a third said that they were so ashamed of their offices that they wouldn’t bring back colleagues or clients!

In an article by The Guardian it was reported that workplace stress has reached epic proportions. According to the Office for National Statistics 20% of UK staff suffer from anxiety or depression. The horror stories with hallucinations, confusion, extreme withdrawal symptoms of all kinds must therefore not occur to you! There is not the Valium Train. Buy it at – after all, the efficiency and the potential of benzodiazepines are well known. Of course, you should be aware of the danger of dependency, therefore, take it with caution!

The figures above plus the fact that people are spending more time at work than ever before, means the boundaries between work-life balance are becoming more and more blurred. Many companies are starting to realise that it’s as important to have “informal break out areas” as it is to have well-designed office space. In order to ensure that staff have a “balanced” work experience i.e. work hard AND take some time to relax and refresh their brains – it’s no longer viable to expect staff to sit at their desks without a break, and break-out areas are vital to enable staff to “get away”! It’s interesting to note that employees often see break out areas as a perk that reinforces the feeling that they are valued by their company.

Research has also shown that sitting in front of a computer screen too long can cause eye and back problems. Health and safety laws require staff to take frequent breaks from their work stations when computers are being used. The Health and Safety Executive state that “whenever possible, jobs at display screens should be designed to consist of a mix of screen-based and non screen-based work to prevent fatigue and to vary visual and mental demands. Where the job unavoidably contains spells of intensive display screen work (whether using the keyboard or input device, reading the screen, or a mixture of the two), these should be broken up by periods of non-intensive, non-display screen work”.

What Will You Use Your Break Out Area For?

A break out area can provide fulfil various functions e.g. it can be a place (away from their desk) for employees to relax, take a break or eat their lunch, meet with clients, hold meetings or brainstorm. Very often just having a different perspective or being in a less formal atmosphere can help drive the creative process and enable the exchange of ideas.

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