Make Your London Office a TRUE London Office

Fundamental Features for a London office

London is one of the best places to work in the world and is becoming renowned for having particularly swanky offices. Even start-up companies are jumping on the bandwagon and often coming up with their own unique design ideas.

With the likes of Mind Candy (home of Moshi Monster) building tree-houses for meeting rooms and installing slides for stairs, not to mention Google’s allotment on the roof with space hoppers, it’s no wonder the call for more London offices to have cool interiors is on the up.

If you have an office in London, then there are a few fundamental features you should consider having. That’s if you want your London office to be a TRUE London office!

A Beer Fridge

Thirsty Thursdays is a definitely a THING in London. It’s therefore important you are prepared with a fully stocked beer fridge. It’s also important that you celebrate a success story, so the occasional beverage needs to be to hand.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Every trendy London office offers multipurpose spaces for meetings, relaxing and working. Dividing your open plan office space using interior design techniques is best option for your London office.

Here are some areas you should consider integrating in your London office:

  • A comfortable place to sit for informal meetings – big sofas, quirky seats or even beanbags.
  • A place to relax when you need some downtime – provide a games console, such as an X-Box with Kinnect, a dartboard, pool table, table tennis table or miniature putting green.
  • Work stations – conventional desk systems or hot desk benches, which are ideal for employees on the go.
  • Boardroom – meeting informally is great for internal meetings, but when entertaining visitors you still need a place to discuss important issues. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be quirky! Why not use a formal dining table instead of a regular office furniture?
  • An office kitchen or tea point – let’s face it if you work in London, you drink a lot of COFFEE and need a place to make a good brew.
  • Different flooring helps to create different zones. A combination of carpet and hard flooring, in various textures and colours should do the job.

Cool Décor

If your business is to succeed in the London, your office décor should be representative of business culture, inspiring, creative and in line with your company branding.

Depending on your sector, you may decide to have muted tones for a sophisticated appeal, or an off-the-wall décor for a creative office.

Either way, there are a multitude of textured wall coverings and feature wall designs. Even better you can have your own artwork designed and fitted to any wall or window surface. If you’re on a budget, a simple feature wall in the hues of your company logo will bring your office to life.

No London office should be without a massive whiteboard! A floor to ceiling white board gives your team the opportunity to brainstorm, strategize and write motivational messages.


Lighting in offices has never been more important. London workers are working later and later, so having the right lighting is essential. We always recommend LED lighting as a basic light, as LED light  has natural daylight properties.

Lighting can also play a key role in the overall interior office design and layout:

  • Pendant lighting can help create zones – Use different style shades to create zones
  • Spot lights and suspended ceiling lights offer essential everyday lighting
  • Recessed LED strip lighting in a suspended ceiling, wall or within furniture can create zones and provide a contemporary finish
  • Ceiling lighting mounted on to exposed galvanised steel trays offers an industrial feel
  • Free standing floor lamps can provide a comfortable and homely environment
  • Desk lamps give staff the opportunity to control their own lighting

Use a lighting control system to manage your lighting in various areas of the building.

Glass, Lots and Lots of Glass!

The open plan office look is essential for any London office fit-out, so when you need separate rooms, the best solution is full height glass office partitioning. With acoustic properties and integrated blinds, glass office partitioning gives you the option of privacy, while allowing natural light to bounce around your London office.

A Welcome Worthy of a WOW!

We all know first impressions count, so it’s important your reception makes your visitors go WOW! Have a bespoke reception desk built, or customise an existing one to create a statement piece for your reception area.

BIG Screens, BIG Sound

Come on, every office needs a big screen on the wall for presentations or to play corporate videos. Couple this will an awesome sound system and you really will be a cool London office.

Finding a London Office Refurbishment Company

For a quality finish, you need a reputable London office refurbishment company. At JBH Refurbishments we offer turnkey office refurbishment solutions. To find out more, contact one of our Project Managers. They will talk you through the various design options that are suitable for the space you have available.

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