Transforming Your Kent or London Office – A Myriad Of Office Refurbishment Options

When it comes to carrying out your Kent or London office refurbishment, you’ll find that there are a myriad of options and choices available to you in terms of office design, layout and materials, all of which need to be carefully considered and managed in order to ensure a successful Kent or London office refurbishment.

Choice is a good thing but when it comes to making decisions it’s important to make the right office refurbishment choices as every option comes with cost implications. The more planning that you do the more likely that your office refurbishment will be completed without any issues, and you’ll end up with an office space that reflects your vision and objectives. 

Clearly an office refurbishment is a large undertaking with many moving parts and that’s why it must be carefully planned and controlled. This article looks at some of the many factors of office design and refurbishment that you will need to consider when carrying out your office refurbishment planning.

Office Layout

One of the first decisions to be made is how to layout your office space. The right office layout will maximise the use of the available space, will work well for your staff and ensure a good first impression.

It’s important to consider how much space each of your departments, teams and individuals will require as well as considering work processes and work flow. Look at how employees come together to work and if they need private work space. This should then help to guide you in what your requirements are in terms of individual office space, collaboration space, meeting areas, breakout spaces, kitchen or tea points, reception and washrooms.

Office Partitioning

Once you know which office layout will work best for your business the next step is to decide how to divide your office space. The most cost effective option for separating your office space into different areas is office partitioning. There are numerous types, styles and designs of office partitioning available including glazed, part glazed, timber, composite, aluminium, plasterboard, sliding or folding, moving walls, desk partitions and safety screens.

Your choice will depend on what you want to achieve. You will need to consider what type of partitioning would best suit the environment e.g., is light an issue? If so, then partial or fully glazed partitioning will help to make the most of the available natural light within your office space. Do you need offices where privacy is important? Then solid walls are probably required. Where you need flexibility e.g., to expand an office area two smaller meeting rooms can be used together to form a larger meeting area by installing movable, sliding or folding partitioning.

Office Ceiling

Office ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to office design and refurbishment. However, your office ceiling can play an important role helping you to control the office temperature and noise level. It can also help office aesthetics as it can play a role in hiding unattractive wiring, pipework, and ductwork.

When it comes to choosing the right ceiling for your office space you should consider what appearance you are going for. From traditional tile grid ceilings which come in white, ornate, metal, and modular to acoustic ceiling tiles and panels which help to absorb office noise to drywall ceilings which can be shaped and adapted to create architectural features to wooden panelling, the choices allow for a variety of looks which will fit in with any office design.  It’s also important to consider other factors such as fire ratings, and the best tiles to use in areas that are likely to attract dust and dirt. 

Office Lighting

Office lighting can have a profound impact on your office environment. It can change the overall look of your office, increase productivity and improve health and wellbeing.

Researchers estimate that 80-85% of our perception, learning and cognition is through vision so it’s easy to understand why it’s important to have the right light in our workplaces.

Numerous studies have shown that having the right office light is vital. Where light isn’t present it can lead to feelings of lethargy and depression, persistent low mood, and irritability. Mental Health Research UK (MHRUK) estimates that one million working hours are lost each year due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which can result due to a lack of natural light.

A study published in Science Direct found that workers who were exposed to high levels of natural light during the day were associated with “reduced depression, and increased sleep quality.” Research carried out by the International Journal of Sustainable Built Environment looked at a range of issues including natural light showed that lighting and air quality at work can have considerable effects on brain function and productivity.

It’s important to get the right lighting levels. Too little light can cause a variety of issues including eye strain, headaches and migraines, equally over-harsh lighting can also lead to similar problems. Ideally you want to incorporate as much natural light into your office layout and design as you possible can. Where natural light isn’t available the use of LED lighting can provide a variety of benefits.

Office Flooring

Flooring can also play an important role in your office design. You’ll need to consider what you need from your office flooring e.g.; does it need to be hard wearing and sound absorbent? You should also consider how your office flooring will work with the rest of your office design.

There are numerous office flooring options available including vinyl, laminate, wood, and carpet tiles. Where there is heavy footfall, you’ll need hardwearing flooring. Vinyl floor tiles and wood surfaces will provide a surface that will resist wear and tear and will be easier to clean but they can increase noise levels. On the other hand, softer flooring surfaces such as carpet tiles bring warmth and help reduce noise as they absorb the noise created by footfall however, they require more maintenance in order to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Office Colour

Colour psychology has been studied for years and we know that different colours can have an impact on perception, mood, productivity, and wellbeing so it’s another key factor when it comes to your office refurbishment.

Finding the right colour balance for your office can make all the difference.  You don’t want to over saturate an office space with colour as too much colour can be overwhelming and suffocating. Instead, go for splashes of colour that say something about your business. Think about your office layout and where colour would work best and have the most impact. Consider how colour will impact staff and visitors so that your office space is inviting and comfortable.

The use of branding in an office can help to make the right first impression, bring with it a sense of company culture, belonging, loyalty and pride in the company identity. It can also play a role in bringing colour into the office but is dependent on what colours the branding uses e.g., if your corporate colours are too dark or too bold then they can have a negative impact on the office environment. Where company colours may not be the best choice it’s advisable to look for colours that are complimentary to your branding.

You can also inject colour into your office space through the use of art, which brings with it other benefits. Research carried out by Dr Craig Knight at the University of Exeter showed that artwork can increase the productivity of workers by up to 32% without an increase in errors. According to a report commissioned and undertaken by the International Art Consultants in partnership with the British Council for Offices 93.8% of participants in a survey looking at the positive effects of art in the workplace believe art makes the workplace feel more welcoming and 60.8% of them feel that it also stimulates creativity in staff.

Graffiti and murals can also be used to bring a splash of colour to the workplace as well as provide a talking point. Custom graffiti can be colour matched to your colour scheme.

If you still feel your office needs more colour you can use other fixtures and fittings to provide additional colour where required.

Office Furniture

Often overlooked, workplace furniture should also be carefully considered when you are carrying out an office refurbishment. The last thing you will want is to update the design, look and feel of your office space only to be let down by worn or dated office furniture. When you’re carrying out an office refurbishment it’s a great opportunity to evaluate whether your current furniture is past its sell by date, looks worn or will no longer fit within the new office layout you have planned.

You should also take into account whether your office furniture is providing the level of support that your staff need. If you find that your current furniture is not designed for efficiency and comfort it may be time to invest in high-quality ergonomic office furniture that will give your employees the support they need, to keep them comfortable. The right office furniture can also help to reduce strain and injury in the workplace. Investing in quality furniture can also increase productivity levels, so it’s an investment well worth making for your business and its employees.

Professional Office Refurbishment

In this article we’ve outlined the various options that are available when it comes to planning your next office refurbishment. We’ve covered office layout, partitioning, ceiling, lighting, flooring, colour, and furniture. However, it’s not always easy to envisage what your office refurbishment will look like before you implement the changes you decide on, especially when you’re trying to do so when your office space is full of people, dated décor and old furniture.

As a consequence, it’s worth considering consulting with a professional office design and refurbishment company. They can help you get the most from your office refurbishment, maximise the use of space, and assist you with many aspects of your office design. One of the many tools at their disposal is 2D and 3D digital renders which will show you exactly how your workplace will look. Digital renders can highlight potential issues in your design before any work is carried out and any money is wasted. You can ensure you’ve chosen the right colour scheme, the partitioning is in the right place, you have enough offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas and you can try out a variety of wall coverings and furniture to find the right fit. Ensuring the design and layout is right prior to carrying out the work will keep your development on budget and on track.

An office design company will also ensure the quality of the work carried out, make sure that all work complies with the law including building regulations and environmental standards, planning permission, health and safety and surveys and insurance; and they’ll minimise disruption and provide clear communication to keep the project on track and to budget.

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